Bath Gym Spa Towel Fashion Beach Wrap

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Item Description

Sometimes when you got out from bathroom with a bath towel on you, and, accidentally, towel slipped off, it can be so awkward!!!! we have already thought about it, so this wearable bath towel comes out!!!!

This gorgeous Spa Bath Wrap, available in a wide variety of colors, and is made of 100% Terry Velour Cotton.

Wearing steps: Three holes, the two hands through, the other used to surround the body, the last fixed a little: 1: hands into the adjacent two holes, 2: by the edge of the three holes surrounding the body from behind

Sale for: 1 Pc Bath Towel , Care info: Hand wash in cold water. Do not bleach.
Inner Material: Terry cloth , Outer Material: Velour

Bust Size: 57'' x 27.6'' / 145 x 70 cm when fully stretched , Weight: 280 Gms
PS :Patterns of the real item may have slightly different from the model



Ideal gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day,
Skin-friendly, Breathable, Comfortable
Good option for bridal Showers and all other special occasions.

Daily Wear, Beach Wrap

Can wear it out of the bathroom